Frederick Acoustic Music Enterprise

The goals of Frederick Acoustic Music Enterprise are:

(1) To nurture, promote and preserve original and traditional acoustic music of all genres in Frederick and Frederick County through live music, education and community outreach;

(2) To educate aspiring musicians and the general public about all aspects of original and traditional acoustic music of all genres via workshops, open mikes, showcases, and concerts;

(3) To reach out to the community via workshops and concerts, especially through schools and youth organizations, and the setting up of mentoring opportunities for young and aspiring acoustic musicians.

Our vision is to include ALL forms of acoustic music, including (but not limited to) bluegrass, Celtic, traditional, singer/songwriter, gospel, a capella, choral, classical, jazz, children’s, – in short, anything that does not require amplification!  We are not averse to electric/electronic music – some of our members play that as well!  We feel that acoustic music is often overlooked, short-changed, or down-played in our community.  Therefore, we are focused on acoustic music, recognizing it as part of a larger tapestry of music that energizes our community.

Benefits of Membership

Whether you are an onstage performer, a more private performer or one who enjoys listening F.A.M.E. has benefits for you!

  • Performance opportunities
  • Workshops to enhance your playing/writing/performance skills
  • Great music from local musicians
  • Access to performers for your business/event
  • A community that understands the value of good music